Monday, January 19, 2009

The Project Still Lives

Well, it's been awhile and as you can see I've decided to create a new blog for no real apparent reason.

If any of you have been keeping up with my game (which I assume is a total of 1 person), I've managed to accomplish quite a bit from my last blog update. Compared to the old XNA version, lots of things have changed.

Here's a quick rundown of things I've done since then:
  • Redrew some tiles from the tilesets
  • Changed the first mini-boss
  • Implemented first main boss
  • Some new enemies/music/sound
  • Can now continue from last save instead of resetting game
  • Can swap control between Gene or Ric
  • 2nd player can now control the CPU player
  • Added an options menu
  • Changed some of the attacks
  • Level Ups
  • Started on a new zone (Area 3)
  • Netplay
The netplay is probably the biggest addition I've done so far and took quite a while to do. I'm not a network programmer by any means, so it's quite sloppy in terms of code work and still needs some testing.

I originally had no plans to release any information regarding Generic, but since my semester begins next week, I won't be able to work on the game as much and decided I might as well put something together.

...And here is it:

New Blog Created!

Setting up a new blog. This is just a test post.