Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beginner's Guide

I've realized that some players may be having some trouble getting started since the game drops you off in the middle of nowhere and leaves everything up to you, so hopefully all this stuff in this post will help you guys out.

First off is a map of the beginning area.

I highlighted the starting room with a purple border (sorry about the quality). As you can see, you have two paths you can take. Heading left leads to dead-ends, but there is a helpful ability you can obtain. Heading right will eventually lead to a powerup and an another save point.

I also forgot to mention something in the readme that may be helpful as well. When you head right, you may come across some 'thin' platform that prevents you from going down. To pass through them, simply hold down and press jump.

Passing through platforms? What sorcery is this!?

For others who don't know yet, besides the map screen, you can also access the ability screen. Pressing Q or W (default controls) when the map screen is up should switch to it. The ability screen displays your collected powerups, your stats, and the commands for your movesets.

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