Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graphical Issues Fixed (I think...)

I've fixed an issue in regards to the code and how it handled loading graphics / images. I was loading images directly when I should have re-sized the images to the nearest powers of two. As a result, some computers with outdated drivers were unable to run the game, or it would run really slow. Long story short, the game should now be able to run without much of a problem unless your graphics card is crap. I've also removed some unnecessary files to reduce file size.

Download link is to the right under "Generic Stuff of Interest"

If the game still doesn't work, be sure to email me or post a comment.


  1. Finally played it!
    The hype was worthy :)
    Although some areas had THAT slowdown dropping to 30 fps, I pretty much think I got everything that was to be gotten. Even empty rooms with potentially future upgrades lol

    Reporting status, chief!
    It seems like I have most updates Yet I have almost no quest items... Is this going to change?

  2. Good to know that the update seems to work!

    Based upon your status, seems like you've gotten everything possible in the game preview... and yes, more stuff will be added later.

    As for the slowdown, it's more or less due to inefficient coding on my part, heh. As time goes on, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to improve the performance.

    Also, did you find the game hard? easy? confusing to figure out where to go? I'm hoping to get a good amount of gameplay feedback so I can make adjustments in the future.

  3. I think the difficulty is just right, except in ONE point. You can get the "dash ability" by going left pretty early. This was the last thing I got so it was pretty easy, although the way was filled with LOTS of monsters and almost no save room..

    I think that would be a bit too extreme in the beginning, but really, i don't know. I'll have to do a new game later.

    The rest is just fine, I died some times but it wasnt impossible. The room with spikes covered by tilesets was annoying and evil, I hope that is very beta-ish considering that the upcoming rooms weren't finished...

    Good job on the game. Really, this made my day yesterday.