Saturday, June 27, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Boss Edition

This is by far the longest time I've spent working and re-working a single boss. The one I'm talking about is the first main guardian: the Titan Queen. I had originally planned to make this boss fight to be the end of the preview, but because of how dissatisfied I was with her, I decided to cut that part out. If you recall, the 'end' of the preview was the room before where the boss fight is supposed to take place. Anyways, I've decided to show the various evolutions of the Titan Queen as I worked on her.

This was the first design for the Titan Queen back when I was working on the XNA version. This version would simply fly left and right and only had three attacks: a homing sickle, a downwards machine gun attack, and a forward projectile attack. This was eventually scrapped and turned into a regular enemy.

This is the second design for the Titan Queen. She performed four attacks: firing missiles from the top hatch, firing a bomb from the cannon, firing a massive laser from the cannon, and firing a beam from the two rods. Once again, scrapped for...

...the third design! This version mostly stayed on the ground, but moved around every now and then. She was more or less a combination of the previous two designs. Her attacks consisted of a spinning flamethrower, homing missiles, grenades, bombs, and a beam attack. After implementing (and even finishing) her, I felt like she needed to be a bit bigger.

Uh... yea.

Considering the number of times I've reimplemented this particular boss, I was pretty much 'bored' with working on it up to this point. Nevertheless, I'm quite satisfied with the final design (or maybe I'm just saying that so I don't have to work on this boss anymore, haha).

Anyways, one other area that had a touch up was the font and text implementation. I've changed the font quite a bit and added variable-width, hopefully making it a bit easier to read.

Of course, I've actually managed to accomplish a lot more than those just listed above, but I don't wish to spoil everything. Hope you enjoyed this update since it may be awhile before I post another one.