Sunday, February 7, 2010

2010 Already?

Happy New Ye... wait, it's already February? Wow, 3 months have gone by and I haven't even written a new entry yet! Looks like I'll need to change that!

So, what exactly have I been up to for the last 3 months? Unfortunately, not very much, but I can say that I've been working hard on Generic.

I guess the first thing I can talk about is my attempts to improve netplay, which took up a majority of reworking on (and it's still not done). Asides from rewriting it to send and receive packets slightly better, the biggest change was removing the capped 60 FPS code and introducing a time derivative to 'slow' the game down. Before, the game would usually cap at approx. 60 FPS during both single player and netplay mode. While not much of an issue for single player, it would cause lag in netplay if one player's machine was slower or faster than the other player. Now, the game should run at roughly the same speed regardless of how many frames per second you're getting. This also pretty much required me to change A LOT of the code around.

The game runs updates at a rate of 193 fps but plays like it runs at 60 fps

But enough of the boring stuff, time for some more interesting news. Asides from the netcode, I've also managed to finish up on some of the areas I had been working on and managed to finish the code for the second guardian boss (for the most part). At the moment, I'm currently working on the remaining parts of the third main area, Aqua Shore.

The underwater section of Aqua Shore. The 666 is coincidence.

I've also implemented an init file to change around some extra options not available in the game options menu. Tired of your partner's AI going suicidal and dying before you? You can now change it so your partner is invincible but no longer attacks. Some other options include changing the way health is represented (bars/numbers), skipping the new game intro, or removing leveling and non-ability powerups for challenge purposes. Most of these changes will also carry over through netplay.

Enemy health represented as numbers.

Finally, I decided to go out and buy a gamepad... so yeah, the game finally has joystick/gamepad support.

There's a bit more, but I guess I can save them for the next blog updates. With the current progress that Generic is at, I might actually manage to finish it this year... hopefully.