Friday, September 30, 2011

Random Update

I'm still slowly working on Generic every now and then. Hopefully by pacing myself, I won't suffer from burnout as often. Anyways, I felt like posting a random update for no real reason other than to temporarily cure my boredom.

At the time of writing this, Generic is nearing completion. You can pretty much play from the beginning all the way to the last boss. Other than that, there's still a CRAPLOAD of work to do such as music, play testing, balance, improving the stupid suicidal buddy AI to be not as stupid and suicidal, and polishing up everything else. Unfortunately, netplay won't be on the final version since I've come to realize that Generic's code isn't optimized for netplay at all.

Anyways, one thing I've updated was the pause menu, which before I thought looked like crap. The new one is a bit better, at least in my opinion.

Old map screen

New map screen

Old status menu

New status menu

As always, feedback is appreciated.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Current State

Sorry for the lack of blog posts and updates. To be honest, I really couldn't figure out what I could keep talking about without giving away too much of the game... that, and I haven't been working on Generic as much as I should have in the past year. This is more or less a result of having to work on the game for so long that you'd want to work on something else/new. Nevertheless, I'm back and have still done quite a bit since my last blog post.

While I can't precisely say when this game will be done, I'm hoping to complete it this year (at worst, early next year). It's still far from finished, but it's getting there. The things that still need to be done are:

-The final boss and ending credits
-Some extra enemies that need to be reworked
-Extra rooms/secrets that lead to heart and spade powerups
-Music and sounds
-Fixing up & updating certain sprites
-Balancing, testing, and optimizations

Netplay will probably need to be cut out temporarily due to how the game in its current state isn't very optimized for it. Once I finish the game, I'll focus on implementing it fully.

Also, I updated the HUD a little bit: